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Chinese market green the growing demand for cable

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Chinese market green the growing demand for cable

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International and domestic maturing, stringent environmental, relevant regulations and standards to promote the further expansion of environmentally friendly cable market, environmental research and development and large-scale use of the cable has become an international trend. In the domestic market, more emphasis on the use of green cable, environmental protection has become a power grid cable companies bidding tickets.

Environmental cable will greatly promote the development of the cable industry to enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers, and in green practices and innovation in the cable industry on the path of sustainable development further and further stability. In recent years, cable companies and progressive efforts towards environmental protection cable, LSZH cable and other direction, as far as possible do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals, does not contain brominated flame retardants, does not produce harmful halogen gas, no corrosive gases when burned less heat, do not pollute the soil, etc., will be more environmentally friendly cable favored by the market, the grid company bidding easier access to high order.

Major projects mandatory use of environmentally friendly cable

"After the European Union to develop EU environmental directives, Europe, America, Japan and other countries for the use of the cable increasing environmental requirements, they have prohibited the use of non-environmentally friendly cable or imported." Yan Xianglian with the current environmental situation analysis, environmental issues It has been more and more attention worldwide, which will greatly stimulate the demand of environmental protection wire and cable growth. Compared to conventional cable is coupled with the development trend of higher profits, environmental protection cable has already irreversible.

Do not use non-green cable in developed countries, China also attaches great importance to this area. China's relevant laws and regulations expressly prohibit the use of PVC requires important building wire and cable, you must use semi-rigid cable LSOH crosslinked polyolefin insulated wire and cable, in order to avoid a lot of smoke when the fire occurred, chlorine, causing no casualties.

In major construction projects, China has also mandated the use of environmentally friendly cable. "Currently, Beijing and Shanghai have banned the use of non-environmentally friendly cables, railways, communications, electronics and other departments have also been promulgated relevant regulations. It is expected that non-environmentally friendly power supply cable in the construction, transportation, communications, power grids and all medium-sized cities application sector will be more and more limited, LSZH cable environmental protection has become a trend in the cable industry is imminent. "he said in an interview with reporters, general manager of Henan Jiutong Cable Co., Ltd. Wang Xuehai.

In fact, LSZH cables are widely used for non-halogen, low smoke, flame retardant and safety and environmental protection requirements of high places, such as high-rise buildings, railway stations, subways, airports, hospitals, large libraries and other crowded places. Environmental cables when burned, will not release a lot of smoke and corrosive halide, will not cause a "second disaster." Huada cable production of PVC insulated cables can be produced, such as flame retardant, fire-resistant, halogen-free low-pressure, anti-termite, rodents and other special cables according to user requirements.

It is understood that the primary environmental and technical conditions are LSZH cable, including heavy metals, pollution-free, but its waste disposal and recycling is also very important. Varda cable each year 20% of the sales of funds as research and development, trying to work with feed manufacturers, trying to meet the needs of users in multiple ways and means of detection technology, developed to meet the requirements of the new material.

Some experts believe that only production to meet market demand, cable products conform to the development of the times, to be able to effectively enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers, in order to win market into momentum. "With the rapid economic development, high-tech and constantly updated products to a higher level, a substantial increase in non-halogen flame retardant cable types and quantities is the trend." Wang Xuehai told reporters.

China should expedite the development of environmentally friendly cable standard

"As environmental issues more and more attention, many countries have already developed a variety of environmental policy, so people are more inclined to use green cables LSZH cable materials is currently one of the more popular green cable. "The experts told reporters that although China's market demand for green cable growing, but compared with developed countries, China in the relevant policy and mandatory application is still a long way to go, China should expedite the development of environmentally friendly cable standards.

For efficient and environmentally friendly, high-end technology of wire and cable, wire and cable how scientific evalsuation of new projects on the technical level, implementation of the production permit system, it becomes extremely necessary and urgent. Some experts suggested that the active introduction of innovative environmentally friendly products, the corresponding system and product quality supervision level remains to be improved.

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