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Under the new media of radio and television coaxial networking internet access

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Under the new media of radio and television coaxial networking internet access

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As more data is uploaded or downloaded data to the cloud of the Internet as a medium increasingly important. Increasingly strong demand for the network, network speed. However, the convenience of access to the Internet and can not be calculated together with the rapid development of the cloud, for some lines unpaved or old lines need to be upgraded areas, the large-scale cable laying or update will spend a lot of manpower and resources. So, you can utilize existing equipment, network access it?

This issue is also broadcasting the networking industry has been studied in one direction. In 2014 China International Exposition of Things Forum held last week in Hubei Wrangler Network Technology Co., Ltd. Xuebin discussed how to use the existing cable in the theme of "broadcasting -FTTx broadband access and home networking," the speech coaxial cable for home broadband access.

Zhang Xuebin said that since 1995 the cable industry began to develop a two-way HFC network technology, continue to extend fiber optic network, cable network continued to retreat from the "last one kilometer", the "last 500 meters", the "last 100 meters" until after FTTH "final 10 m ", coaxial cable is still the characteristics and advantages of the network.

Broadband access using the existing fiber optic cable, coaxial cable broadband households overcome, burglary difficult problem. "Wrangler continues to explore coaxial communications resources and values, and through independent research and development of high-frequency, broadband, multi-channel frequency division multiplexing, make full use of coaxial widespread in homes, hotels and other buildings inside and traditional video surveillance systems Cable, solve the "last 100 meters" of broadband access, radio frequency (RF) television signal transmission and power supply equipment problems, can achieve 10 / 100BASE-T, CATV, 3G / WiFi / ZigBee and other signal and power cable transmission ( Super G access),. "

Cable television network is one of China's largest access network, is to carry out services market advantage. Coaxial cable network not only into millions of households, but also extends to more than the family living room users. In other words, cable TV coaxial cable network "burglary rate" is the other communication networks can not match. If we can take advantage of the coaxial cable network, "burglary" resources, network tentacles interactive television services will be valid throughout the user's home living space, access points everywhere, and closely follow the broadcast television signal outlet.

"Widespread coaxial cable is the material basis and advantageous resources of radio and television networks. Coaxial cable having attenuation characteristics, service life and anti-stretch, anti-extrusion and other projects are many advantages of performance and cost price," Zhang Xuebin emphasizes " These advantages of at least 10 years are irreplaceable. "

Currently, FTTB (fiber to the building head) radio and television have become the mainstream optical networks, FTTH (fiber to the home) is the development trend; "a 1-line, passive centralized distribution" has become the mainstream structure last 100 meters of cable networks. Wrangler range solutions cover a wide range, including coaxial cable-based broadcasting, telecommunications, the Internet, etc. Things broadband, narrowband, wired, wireless multi-mode network. Practice has proved that radio and television broadband 100M broadband networks based on this home has a great advantage. High temperature coaxial cable

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